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Our Startups are business ready to be launched and sold: they are the result of careful investigation, designed to grow and be profitable. 

Each one of them includes a business contacts package and resources such as suppliers, customers and the most important tools for a proper business start-up.

Our large experience, the varied achievements we got, the contact net and the knowledge of the area, can guarantee the success of these business  with a minimum risk.

jeep adventure extreme mexico

Jeep Xtreme Adventures


 An exciting concept to delight the hundreds of off road enthusiasts: an extreme jeep safari in the heart of fantastic mayan riviera. The Jeep Xtreme Advenure is a business focused on renting ten CJ5 and CJ7 jeeps to offer an incredible array of sightseeing and cultural opportunities in a single experience. During the wild tour on the road, customers live a real adventure in the jungle through caves, cenotes and beaches with the most beautiful reefs of the whole coast, stopping for snorkeling and ending with a buffet on the beach. Where nature is perfect for the off raod adventures, a business like this is winner, especially if it already includes advertising, product launch, administration, marketing, on line strategies and exclusive contracts with tour operators.

www.jeepxtremeadventures.com (only domain)

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Micro Restaurant


Minimum gaps, large turnovers. New concept of micro restaurant with set menus, popular prices and incomparable quality with products coming from Italy, based on a strategy of an intensive use of space, reduction to a minimum of the risk, maximization of revenues and specialization of the proposed menu. Reduced cost of start-up, reduced but original and super specialized menu, reduced size kitchen for super equipped kitchens. The setting will not be the most romantic with its minimal aesthetic, but the value has few rivals. For investors, the higher gear is in rush (positive) between spending and revenues that can be put to use. And if the product is rare, the customers and the brand flywheel!

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Micro Restaurant in Playa del Carmen
Lounge Tea-Room

Lounge Tea-Room


Tearoom: Shop focused on selling a full variety of pure tea and infusions

In 2014, the tea retail in Mexico was $ 126 million and the sale of this type of product will grow at an annual rate of 1.57% over the next five years, reaching $ 136 million in sales in 2019. This data, with the incipient popularity and culture of tea in Mexico, has opened up an interesting market of great potential for innovative entrepreneurs who want to define a concept that distinguishes them in an industry with few competitors. In a lounge tea-room you live 100% the experience of tea: welcoming decoration, more than one hundred varieties of tea of all categories – from a Mexican point of view, based on the creation of national products with flavors such as infusions of guava or mango Manila-, lounge music (customers use to spend more time and money in places with relaxing music in the background) and a guide to help consumers to decide their cup of tea depending on the hour and on their preferences of taste.

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Caribbean Service


High-quality commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services to a wide variety of customers, including corporate/commercial buildings, departments, hotels and apartment complexes. We believe superb management is required for high level of service and quality.


www.caribbeanservice.net (only domain)

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caribbean service
Kite Playa del Carmen

Kite Playa


We offer you the opportunity to turn your passion into a job, a kite surfing school is a very profitable shop in the Riviera Maya, geography and overall passion for the sport in this region make this kind of business especially attractive. The possibilities are endless: private courses, affiliations with hotels, theme parks, beach clubs, introductory courses, sale of equipment and gadgets. The passion for the sport makes for the success of this business easier!

www.kiteplaya.com (only domain)

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Events Furniture & Decoration


A business oriented to major events, parties, weddings.
It is based on creating, renting and selling furniture and decorations for events.
The Riviera Maya is one of the most tourist places of the world, one of the main destinations where people get married. This activity is an integral part of this huge mechanism and ensures guaranteed and continuous income.

www.mobiliariosydecoraciones.com (only domain)

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Events Furniture & Decoration
Playa Bodas Wedding Planner

Playa Bodas

The world of weddings in the Riviera Maya opens its doors.
The business of weddings is one of the most lucrative and steady growth in the Mexican Caribbean. This activity will convert you in a real wedding planner, with the possibility of official certifications, affiliations to hotel facilities and characteristic venues for weddings. A business that doesn’t knows declines since it was born.
www.playabodas.com (only domain)
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Playa del Carmen Restaurants


A touristic and gastronomic magazine, offering and lots of advice, information and, above all, advertising directed to the world of restaurants in Playa del Carmen which has more than 700 activities. This is Playa del Carmen Restaurants”, a showcase for all the best restaurants that want to stand out, make a quality ads and choose our magazine to get to all the tourists and locals of the city‘s most glamorous in the Riviera Maya.

www.playadelcarmenrestaurants.com (only domain)

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Playa del Carmen Restaurants
Print Playa del Carmen

Print Playa

In an economic reality as that of the Riviera Maya, the business of advertising prints are tours through continuous development. The activity provides the opportunity to enter this market is still very virgin from many points of view, several new businesses open every day and they need a media increasingly high. Billboards, posters, business cards, graphic prints, serigraphs and all products related to the industry of advertising in the paper.
www.printplaya.com (only domain)
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Renta in Playa


A statistical study states that the Riviera Maya is among the top most tourist places in the world. This means a large number of people, millions, who annually visit this land for their vacation and need a place to spend their days relaxing. The hotel facilities are just one of many options available for the tourists. Indeed, there is a world of constant growth: the rental of apartments, rooms, villas, lofts for tourists or foreigners who want to move for a time in mexico. It is therefore easy to understand how this business can be profitable and constant over time, with the grade flow of people choosing the Riviera Maya every year for their holidays.

www.rentainplaya.com (only domain)

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Renta in Playa
Playa del Carmen Sportwear Shop

Sport in Playa


The sport is an important component in the lives of many people, in Playa del Carmen there are many gyms and sports centers where it is grown and spread the culture of sport and physical well-being. A perfect setting for the trading of sporting products, apparel, equipment, gadgets and everything that revolves around the world of sports. This activity is designed to import and distribute global brands at wholesale and / or consumer. The strength are the water sports” brands that dominate the business in the Riviera Maya.

www.sportinplaya.com (only domain)

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Transfer Playa del Carmen


A good business when the actual logistic structures are few and very expensive. The tourism is the key to this business thanks to the many tours offering this wonderful country. A sector with high income, the initial investment does not necessarily be high. We can tell you what to do with contractualize about your services and how to take your drivers without weighing on your business.
marketing is very important.

www.transferplayadelcarmen.com (only domain)

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Transfer Playa del Carmen
Dog Adventure Park Playa del Carmen

Dog Adventure Park

Only in Playa del Carmen is home to about 250,000 people, more than half own a pet. Currently there are no organized structures to host, manage and take care of these animals. In almost all the beaches is prohibited the entry to pets, this creates a problem for all people who want to enjoy a day at the beach but you can not do it because they do not know how to place your pet. This business is targeted to more than 100,000 potential customers, only in Playa del Carmen, offering a park of 5000 square meters for all animals, with recreational areas, accommodation and everything they need. The property is close to a known beach club area, an ideal combination for all people who want to go to the beach but they can not because they have an animal. This way they can leave their dog to the park and enjoy a day at the beach in the nearby beach club.
www.dogadventurepark.com (only domain)
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Flowers Playa


A business related to the world of events, weddings, private and public parties, musical events, social events. The Riviera Maya is the cradle of fun, great feasts, an incredible world that knows no boundaries until today.
The floral decorations are an integral part of this world, the possibility of having its own vivero and to deal with the large-scale distribution and / or sale of floral decorations are a point of success.

www.flowersplaya.com (only domain)

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Flowers Playa
Photo Playa Business

Photos Playa


The photography is a very lucrative business in this area, think of all the amusement parks, hotels, tourist facilities that use photography as a product, attraction, service. The possibilities are numerous, from photo books for weddings, photos of the tour for tourists, to the strategic points on the beaches for the shoot and sale of photos directly to the consumer. These are just some of the possibilities that this business offers, in a place where it is high season almost all year long.

www.photosplaya.com (only domain)

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Water Sport Center Playa


This business is very profitable, a water sport center shop in the Riviera Maya, geography and overall passion for the sport in this region make it very attractive this type of business. The possibilities are endless, affiliations with hotels, theme parks, beach club for rent and sale paddleboard, windsurf, fly boards, wake board and other water games. The passion for the sport make it easier for the success of this business!

www.wscplaya.com (only domain)

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Water Sport Center Playa
Beach Wear Playa del Carmen

Beach Wear Playa del Carmen


A business based on the wholesale summer clothing such as swimsuits, sandals, hats, T-shirts. The products are of high quality and great brands, the targets are the boutiques of Fifth Avenue, hotels and tourist facilities of a high standard. Is a business with large profit margins. Indispensable excellent logistics.

www.beachwearplayadelcarmen.com  (only domain)

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Pizza Playa


Pizza shop in the shopping center focused on delivery service and on-line sales.

In Playa del Carmen there’s a moderate presence of pizza shops massively oriented on walk in, but they are restaurants rather than take away points of sale with on-line ordering system.
Nowadays, only “Domino’s Pizza” has an on-line ordering service to buy on-line. Current local pizza shops generally cover small areas for delivery with strong delays. The great added values of this start up are: we have as sole distributors some of the major companies for the food distribution with offices also in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, and we have the possibility of renting the point of sale at a very economic value access. The creation of marketing strategy, for this business, is fundamental.

www.pizzaplaya.com (only domain)

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Pizza Playa del Carmen

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